Sidmouth Science Festival 2019

If you’ve taken advantage of the Royal York & Faulkner Hotel’s October 2019 Special Offer,  you might be interested in events in Sidmouth at that time. One that promises to be lots of fun is the annual Sidmouth Science Festival, which takes place between Saturday 5th and Sunday 13th October.

This year there are a staggering 57 events happening in various locations around the town. Even better, most of these events are free. From Kennaway House in the town to the Norman Lockyer Observatory on the top of Salcombe Hill, there is something planned for every generation.

Here are just a few interesting events – click here for the full list of events

Sunday 5th October

On Saturday 5th October, between 5.30 & 8.00 pm, you can go ‘Bat Catching’ in the Byes.

Sunday 6th October

You won’t have to walk far for the events on Sunday 6th October. Sidmouth Sailing Club is just a minute’s walk from the hotel and the venue for many events from 10am onwards. These will include:

10am-1pm  – Emergency Vehicles
1 – 1.50pm  – A talk about major trauma
3-3.30pm – Devon Air Ambulance talk
7pm – Caring for the Ocean

Sidmouth is renowned for many things. Its stunning red rock cliffs, historical buildings, best view from a cricket pitch, two miles of beautiful parkland and, a very special place, the Norman Lockyer Observatory. Hidden away on Salcombe Hill, the Observatory is home to an amateur astronomical society. Its centrepiece is a 60 seater planetarium. If you are interested in astronomy, you’ll be very pleased with the events that are due to take place here during the Science Festival.

On both Sunday 6th & 13th October, you can join a history walk around the Norman Lockyer Observatory and on Monday 7th October,  Professor Robson will give a talk on The Supermassive Black Hole at the Centre of our Galaxy.

Fifteen events are planned for Sunday 13th October at the Observatory including: Sky at Night shows in the Planetarium; Juggling with gravitation; Jet Car design and building and the Inside Story of Apollo II.

As well as these, there are lots of other events around town. These include: a Deep time walk led by the University of Exeter, Big Universe Big Data, discussion on Climate change, Geology walk along the seafront and a chance to find out about the Sidmouth Lifeboat.

The Sidmouth Science Festival is definitely one not to miss!