Spring has sprung in Sidmouth

Spring has sprung in Sidmouth! Thankfully we have been spared the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap that visited us this time last year and, although April is a temperamental month when it comes to weather, there are already many signs of renewed life in the Sid Valley.

Sidmouth Daffodils 2019

It is twelve years since Canadian Investment Banker, Keith Owen bequeathed the town his life savings of £2.3 million. This made it possible for the ‘Valley of a million bulbs’ to be planted in and around Sidmouth by the Sid Vale Association.  Starting in 2013, more than 50 groups planted 623,000 daffodil, crocus and snowdrop bulbs over a period of three years.  As always, the bulbs looked resplendent this year around the town and especially on the slopes of Peak Hill. The Sidmouth Daffodil Society’s fund raising has already led to two new daffodil varieties: ‘Sidmouth’ and ‘Keith Owen’. These are now registered with the Royal Horticultural Society.

Sidmouth Tree Trails

At this time of year, many of Sidmouth’s magnificent and ancient trees are in blossom and, quite frankly, a sight to behold. Thanks to the Sidmouth Arboretum, many of these are now logged on an online database. Each entry gives its name, age and location: http://www.sidmoutharboretum.org.uk. For those who fancy a gentle stroll around the town ‘tree spotting’, there is a Sidmouth Town Tree Trail available. http://www.sidmoutharboretum.org.uk/documents/town_trail.pdf